Defeating Silence: A novel/opera by Tanya Henderson

Defeating Silence Digest

Defeating Silence is:

A free novel available as an e-book (PDF) to download or in a hardback version to borrow (the hardback version is free only if you return it).


The story:

If Pierre could find a way to express himself so that his wife could understand him his marriage wouldn't be disintegrating. But he can't so he persuades an innocent, young poet to do it for him. Now his wife doesn't know who to believe: her confounding husband, the poet who describes an unrecognizable Pierre, or the Press. Oh yeah, Pierre is a world-renowned opera singer with an impeccable reputation that the tabloids are eager to ruin, and the young poet is beautiful and female and not so innocent.


Who might want to read this:

Anyone who isn't daunted by 17,000+ commas, both properly placed and sporadically sprinkled throughout the text, along with a variety of other questionable writing practices (most of which were done on purpose).


Who might not want to read this:

Anyone who's looking for the next 'Great American Novel'. Although, if this is you and you decide to take a break from the search for that elusive book, you might want to download Defeating Silence for some good, clean, time-wasting entertainment.


Don't fit into either of these groups?

Then download Defeating Silence and take a look at it. What do you have to lose? It's free. It's the entire text. And, you might like it. But if you don't, just delete it from your hard drive and pretend it doesn't exist.


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